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Fans witnessed a night full of side-by-side racing last Saturday night at Jerry Soderburg, Driver and Fan Appreciation night!



The URSS Sprint Car Series joined the Dodge City regulars for a full field of 305 sprint cars. In the heats Jeremy Huish picked up the win in heat one. In the 2nd heat, last season’s Champion Taylor Velasquez and Tyler Knight swapped the second and third positions, but it was Zach Blurton who picked up the win. Jake Martens took home the top spot in the 3rd and final heat race for the sprints.


In the sprint car A-Main, Jetmore, KS driver Jeremy Huish had an early race spin after starting sixth. The #21x of Taylor Velasquez held a sizable lead in the early half of the race. As the laps clicked off he got high in turns 1-2 and slipped a bit allow Zach Blurton in the #2J to close the gap between them. Dodge City driver Kohl Ricke later looped his #65 into the infield bringing out the caution. In the end Zach Blurton, passed for the lead and never looked back, taking the checkers with a commanding 9 second lead over 2nd place finisher Jake Martens. Taylor Velasquez held on to finish in the 3rd spot.


A Feature 1 25 Laps | 00:17:59.687

  1. 2J-Zach Blurton[2]; 2. 17X-Jake Martens[5]; 3. 21X-Taylor Velasquez[1]; 4. 10-Jordan Knight[4]; 5. 911-Ty Williams[7]; 6. 8J-Steven Richardson[3]; 7. 97-Brian Herbert[16]; 8. 17-Connor Atkinson[9]; 9. 88J-Jeremy Huish[6]; 10. 20C-Luke Cranston[13]; 11. 72-Ray Seemann[8]; 12. 81-Jon Freeman[14]; 13. 49-Zak Moore[15]; 14. 65-Kohl Ricke[11]; 15. 75-Cash Beeson[17]; 16. (DNF) 11K-Tyler Knight[10]; 17. (DNF) 58-TJ Cain[18]; 18. (DNF) 6-Kaden Taylor[12]




Seldon, KS driver BJ Rogers was strong all night as he picked up the win in the first of 2 Hobby Stock heat races. Lyle Russell in the #22R crossed the finish line first in the 2nd heat race for the class.


In the 15 lap main event, the lead was up for grabs at the drop of the green as drivers were four wide heading into turn one. It was Goodwell, KS driver Brian Thomas who elbowed his way to the front of the pack, taking the early lead from the outside pole position. Thomas was chased by a pack of drivers that included, last season’s champ, Reagan Sellard, multi-time winner Lyle Russell, and BJ Rogers in the #37. Rogers stayed in the hunt and hooked a groove passing the leader and taking the win in the Hobby Stock division.


A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:08:26.434

  1. 37-BJ Rogers[9]; 2. 2S-Reagan Sellard[7]; 3. 22R-Lyle Russell[8]; 4. 31-Dylan Bell[4]; 5. 81-Manuel Salazar[11]; 6. 104-Brian Thomas[2]; 7. 69-Danny Schulte[3]; 8. 18M-Austin Meis[10]; 9. 12R-Brooke Russell[12]; 10. 3-Calvin Reid[5]; 11. 87-Dustin Carr[1]; 12. (DNF) 17H-Hayden Ogorzolka[6]




Clayton Hogie looked to be the man to beat after a strong heat race win on Saturday night. In the A-Main a tight battle ensued between both Clayton and Marlin Hogie, Dalton Bell and recent winner Justin Kinderknecht. The Salina, KS driver Kinderknecht, hung around the 3rd or 4th spot after starting inside of row three. As the laps wound down he passed for the lead picking up his 2nd win of the season at DCRP.

A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:06:21.916

  1. 1JR-Justin Kinderknecht[5]; 2. 52-Clayton Hogie[4]; 3. 22B-Dalton Bell[3]; 4. 33-Marlin Hogie[2]; 5. 5S-Derrick Sprott[1]; 6. 0-Jeff Louderback[6]; 7. 81H-Ty Hurst[7]; 8. 4-Donnie Peterson[8]




Brett Berry and Ryan Kirchoff picked up wins in the first and second heat races for the sport mods, but it was the third and final heat where Brian May edged Monty Nordyke by the slimmest margin.


In the feature event 18 drivers battled for 18 laps with Hoisington, KS driver Shawn Ward starting from the pole. Ryan Kirchoff brought out the caution flag as he got turned around after starting from the fourth spot. Brendyn Nordyke charged in his #9JR from 12th to finish 3rd, behind 2nd place finisher Matt Rucker in the #02. Checking out and taking the win was Colby, KS driver Brett Berry in his 09B machine.


A Feature 1 18 Laps | 00:11:47.526

  1. 09B-Brett Berry[3]; 2. 02-Matt Rucker[11]; 3. 9JR-Brendyn Nordyke[12]; 4. 2BA-Jacey Archer[5]; 5. 64-Jimmy Brozek[9]; 6. 28K-Ryan Kirchoff[4]; 7. 88J-Jack Kirchoff[6]; 8. 8-Brian May[7]; 9. 17M-Brianna Maughlin[15]; 10. 9-Monty Nordyke[10]; 11. 17-Ryan Keller[8]; 12. 3K-Dustin Kreger[13]; 13. K7-Brian Kreger[14]; 14. 28D-Sage Dinkel[17]; 15. 11-Josh Reece[2]; 16. 97-Shawn Ward[1]; 17. 9K-Dakota Kreger[18]; 18. (DNF) 56M-Russell Taylor[16]



Michael Pepper’s #22 was hot, winning the first of 2 heat races in the stock car division. In the 2nd heat Troy Burkhart out of Hays, KS showed the way, picking up the win.


With 20 laps scheduled for the main event, Keith Stegman and Jesse Smith lead the field to take the green flag. Without breaking formation, the event rolled under green until the 19k of Kolby Stegman got turned around bringing out the caution. After a double file restart Jason Rogers and Tathan Burkhart raced their way towards the front after starting from 6th and 7th. At the checkered flag, Burkhart edged Rogers by .003 of a second for the win.

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:17:43.561

  1. 250-Tathan Burkhart[6]; 2. 37-Jason Rogers[7]; 3. 22-Michael Pepper[8]; 4. 25X-Troy Burkhart[3]; 5. 3-Chris Oliver[5]; 6. 19K-Kolby Stegman[4]; 7. 55R-George Ramey[10]; 8. 62-Austin Ramey[12]; 9. 17-Paul Zimmerman[13]; 10. 19-Keith Stegman[1]; 11. 01-Jesse Smith[2]; 12. 82-Joey Richmond[9]; 13. (DNF) 97T-Glen Thompson[11]




A couple of front runners at DCRP took heat race wins in the modified class. Tanner Black picked up the first in his #44T and Bucklin, KS driver Clay Sellard won the second heat race.


The caution flag flew a hand full of times in the main event for the modifieds, and drivers Danny Keller, David Solberg and William Nusser were unable to finish after tangles on the track. Hutchinson, KS driver Jake Nightingale took the lead midway through the main picking up his first win of the season at Dodge City. Nightingale was followed by Tanner Black and Kelsie Foley who rounded out the top three.

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:21:05.475

  1. 3J-Jake Nightingale[5]; 2. 44T-Tanner Black[9]; 3. 44K-Kelsie Foley[7]; 4. 1M-Cody Gearhart[8]; 5. 85C-Clay Sellard[10]; 6. 27-Grant Florence[12]; 7. 3C-Casey Jo Gemmill[3]; 8. 06-Chad Taylor[1]; 9. 05-Rick Taylor[11]; 10. (DNF) 7N-William Nusser[6]; 11. (DNF) 7S-David Solberg[4]; 12. (DNF) K98-Danny Keller[2]




Friday, June 24 – Short Track Series Winged A Micros: Restricted & Non-Restricted

Pits open at 3PM, Hot Laps at 6:45PM

Saturday, June 25 – Short Track Series

Pits open at 5PM, Hot Laps at 7PM