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Kelsie Foley wins ‘Boothill Championship’ at Dodge City Raceway Park. The driver of the 44K modified was unbeatable on the final night of competition at the ‘Home of Horsepower, in Dodge City. After finishing 9th in the feature event on Friday night, Foley came back with guns a blazin’ on Saturday night starting on the pole and collecting the $1500.00 top prize. She was able to outpace the 2nd place finisher Brendon Gemmill from Wichita, KS and boyfriend, Tanner Black who crossed the finish line in third. This was Foley’s biggest career win.

1. 44K-Kelsie Foley[1]; 2. G3-Brendon Gemmill[2]; 3. 44T-Tanner Black[8]; 4. 1M-Cody Gearhart[6]; 5. 66D-Dylan Sherfick[5]; 6. 85C-Clay Sellard[12]; 7. 11W-Tim Watts[7]; 8. 0-Kyle Rohleder[10]; 9. 7N-William Nusser[4]; 10. 1N-Nick Link[9]; 11. 3C-Casey Jo Gemmill[18]; 12. 28-John Burrow[14]; 13. K98-Danny Keller[19]; 14. 7S-David Solberg[13]; 15. 06-Chad Taylor[16]; 16. 05-Rick Taylor[21]; 17. 27-Grant Florence[22]; 18. (DNF) 01-Jacob Wolsleben[11]; 19. (DNF) 3-Troy Gemmill[15]; 20. (DNF) 3J-Jake Nightingale[3]; 21. (DNS) 15-Darren Crouch; 22. (DNS) 7-Clay Money


FRIDAY NIGHT Results 6/3/22

Penokee, Kansas driver Clay Money was the Modified feature winner on Friday night after starting outside the front row for the 20 lap main event. Clay Sellard finished 2nd in the 85C and Tanner Black was 3rd after starting tenth. Brendon Gemmill started deep in the field in 2oth after missing his heat race due to a battery fire in the pit area. Gemmill charged up to 8th in the feature passing 12 competitors in the process.

1. 7-Clay Money[2]; 2. 85C-Clay Sellard[6]; 3. 44T-Tanner Black[10]; 4. 66D-Dylan Sherfick[4]; 5. 0-Kyle Rohleder[7]; 6. 3-Troy Gemmill[1]; 7. 1M-Cody Gearhart[8]; 8. G3-Brendon Gemmill[19]; 9. 44K-Kelsie Foley[9]; 10. 11W-Tim Watts[12]; 11. 7S-David Solberg[15]; 12. 15-Darren Crouch[5]; 13. 28-John Burrow[11]; 14. K98-Danny Keller[13]; 15. 06-Chad Taylor[17]; 16. 27-Grant Florence[16]; 17. 3C-Casey Jo Gemmill[14]; 18. 05-Rick Taylor[20]; 19. (DNF) 01-Jacob Wolsleben[3]; 20. (DNS) 7N-William Nusser

Justin Kinderknecht out of Salina, KS was the winner in the Mod-Lites class after starting in the 5th position. Picking up his second win on the Dodge City dirt this season. The father, son duo of Clayton and Marlin Hogie finished 2nd and 3rd in the feature with the junior Hogie behind the #1JR of Kinderknecht. Hoisington, KS native Dalton Bell did not make the main event after sustaining heavy damage to his race car in a heat race flip in turn four.

A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:05:25.647 1. 1JR-Justin Kinderknecht[4]; 2. 52-Clayton Hogie[3]; 3. 33-Marlin Hogie[2]; 4. 74-Peter Klassen[1]; 5. 5S-Derrick Sprott[5]; 6. 81H-Ty Hurst[9]; 7. (DNF) 22B-Dalton Bell[7]; 8. (DNS) 0-Jeff Louderback; 9. (DNS) C4-Colton Louderback

There was great racing competition between the top 4 positions in the Hobby Stock class. It was all Lyle Russell in his #22R once again winning the division from the 7th starting spot. Russell picked up his 3rd win in four starts at DCRP, and looks to be the driver to beat on any given night. Russell was followed by Reagan Sellard in second and Brooke Russell (sister to Lyle) finshed 3rd in the 15 lap main event.

1. 22R-Lyle Russell[7]; 2. 2S-Reagan Sellard[6]; 3. 12R-Brooke Russell[5]; 4. 81-Manuel Salazar[3]; 5. 727-David Norquest[8]; 6. 69-Danny Schulte[9]; 7. 88-Morgan Olmstead[10]; 8. 11A-Austin Rich[11]; 9. 11-Brendan Rich[1]; 10. 17H-Hayden Ogorzolka[12]; 11. 104-Brian Thomas[2]; 12. 2X-Trevor Schmidt[4]

A driver originally from Dodge City now residing in Garner, IA, Josh Appel charged from 7th to win in the Sport Mod class Friday night. A battle not easily won as drivers swapped for the lead but it was Appel in the end who out drove second place finishing Tyler Watts out of Beloit, KS and Kamren Gruber in the 27G who started from the pole position.

1. 65J-Josh Appel[7]; 2. 77W-Tyler Watts[9]; 3. 27G-Kamren Gruber[3]; 4. 9JR-Brendyn Nordyke[2]; 5. 64-Jimmy Brozek[1]; 6. 8-Brian May[4]; 7. 17-Ryan Keller[10]; 8. 88J-Jack Kirchoff[5]; 9. 17M-Brianna Maughlin[13]; 10. 91Y-Lance Yoxsimer[15]; 11. 9-Monty Nordyke[12]; 12. 2BA-Jacey Archer[11]; 13. 02-Justin Lampe[18]; 14. 11-Josh Reece[14]; 15. K7-Brian Kreger[17]; 16. 3K-Dustin Kreger[19]; 17. 47-Blane Lujan[6]; 18. (DNF) 09B-Brett Berry[8]; 19. (DNF) 28K-Ryan Kirchoff[16]; 20. (DNF) 9K-Dakota Kreger[20]

Troy Burkhart faced a disappointing finish in the Stock Car class after leading the majority of the laps in the A-main when  he was forced to pull off due to a flat tire. In the end it was Michael Pepper who went to Victory Lane after some tight racing with Tathan Burhart out of Hays, KS and Joey Richmond who rounded out the top three.

1. 22-Michael Pepper[3]; 2. 250-Tathan Burkhart[9]; 3. 82-Joey Richmond[4]; 4. 01-Jesse Smith[5]; 5. 19K-Kolby Stegman[2]; 6. 19-Keith Stegman[7]; 7. 7N-William Nusser[6]; 8. 17-Paul Zimmerman[8]; 9. 25X-Troy Burkhart[1]

The 2021 Dodge City Raceway Park’s 305 Sprint car class champion Taylor Velasquez won once again from the pole on Friday night. Velasquez in his 21x sprinter held off fellow Liberal, KS drivers Koby Waters and Steven Richardson in the 20 lap main event. He took home the $1000.00 top prize for the division.

1. 21X-Taylor Velasquez[1]; 2. 33-Koby Walters[2]; 3. 8J-Steven Richardson[6]; 4. 17X-Jake Martens[5]; 5. 97-Brian Herbert[7]; 6. 65-Kohl Ricke[3]; 7. 6-Kaden Taylor[4]; 8. 49-Zak Moore[8]

SATURDAY NIGHT Results 6/4/22

Local driver, Kohl Ricke had a career best finish in the 305 Sprint Car class on night 2 of the Boothill Championship. Ricke was one spot short of the win that went to Steven Richardson who started from the pole on Saturday night. Koby Waters posted another podium by finishing 3rd in the #33.

1. 8J-Steven Richardson[1]; 2. 65-Kohl Ricke[3]; 3. 33-Koby Walters[5]; 4. 17X-Jake Martens[6]; 5. 21X-Taylor Velasquez[4]; 6. 6-Kaden Taylor[2]; 7. 97-Brian Herbert[8]; 8. 49-Zak Moore[7]

Coming back from Friday night flat tire that ended his night, Troy Burkhart held on to win from the top spot on Saturday night over the #22 of Michael Pepper out of Lakin, KS. Crossing the line in 3rd was son, Tathan Burkhart as two of the top three in the Stock Car class were drivers from Hays, KS.

1. 25X-Troy Burkhart[1]; 2. 22-Michael Pepper[4]; 3. 250-Tathan Burkhart[5]; 4. 7N-William Nusser[2]; 5. 19K-Kolby Stegman[3]; 6. 19-Keith Stegman[6]; 7. 01-Jesse Smith[7]

A pair of crashes thinned out the competition in Sport Mod class on Saturday night. Seven cars were involved in the  pile-ups in the 20 lap A-main. Wakeeney, KS driver Adam Weber weaved his way to the front avoiding incident to take the win after starting tenth. Brett Berry advanced 9 positions to finish in the runner-up spot and Brendyn Nordyke equaled his performance in the Boothill Championship by finishing 3rd once again in 2022.

1. 3-Adam Weber[10]; 2. 09B-Brett Berry[7]; 3. 9JR-Brendyn Nordyke[9]; 4. 77W-Tyler Watts[8]; 5. 65J-Josh Appel[3]; 6. 9-Monty Nordyke[5]; 7. 47-Blane Lujan[11]; 8. 17-Ryan Keller[1]; 9. 91Y-Lance Yoxsimer[19]; 10. 02-Justin Lampe[16]; 11. 64-Jimmy Brozek[2]; 12. 11-Josh Reece[18]; 13. (DNF) 28K-Ryan Kirchoff[15]; 14. (DNF) 27G-Kamren Gruber[14]; 15. (DNF) 2BA-Jacey Archer[12]; 16. (DNF) 28D-Sage Dinkel[17]; 17. (DNF) 88J-Jack Kirchoff[13]; 18. (DNF) 8-Brian May[4]; 19. (DNF) 17M-Brianna Maughlin[6]

Brooke Russell tried to take on brother Lyle in the Hobby Stock division, coming up short as Lyle Russell cruised to his 4th win of the season at DCRP. Derrick Coomes from Kensington, KS was the third place finisher in the #03.

1. 22R-Lyle Russell[8]; 2. 12R-Brooke Russell[6]; 3. 03-Derick Coomes[4]; 4. 187-Tyler Heath[10]; 5. 2S-Reagan Sellard[7]; 6. D68-Dion Priddy[9]; 7. 11A-Austin Rich[2]; 8. 7D7-David Norquest[13]; 9. 81-Manuel Salazar[5]; 10. 104-Brian Thomas[1]; 11. 11-Brendan Rich[14]; 12. 87-Dustin Carr[11]; 13. (DNF) 88-Morgan Olmstead[3]; 14. (DNF) 69-Danny Schulte[12]; 15. (DNF) 2X-Trevor Schmidt[15]; 16. (DNS) 17H-Hayden Ogorzolka

The Winged A Class Micros joined the fray on Saturday night running their events on the new 1/5th mile infield oval. In this division it was Moore’s all the way, as Ace bested his dad Kris and brother Zak who finished 3rd. Kye Ricke finished 4th and Daniel Williams did not finish due to a mechanical issue.

A Feature 1 12 Laps
1. 49A-Ace Moore[1]; 2. 49-Kris Moore[4]; 3. 49Z-Zak Moore[2]; 4. 65-Kye Ricke[3]; 5. (DNF) 212-Daniel Williams[5]

Maliyah Mullens picked up the win in the A Micros restrictor division. This was Maliyahs second win at Dodge City Raceway Park.

A Feature 1 8 Laps
1. 751-Maliyah Mullens[1]; 2. (DNF) 22X-Cade Sonday[2]