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CDR Promotions welcomed the return of the Rolling Thunder Classic Flat Track Motorcycle racing last weekend with nearly 70 registrations in 4 distinct classes. The largest of the classes was the Big Twins with 26 entries. The Modern Open class was a close rival with 24 followed by half a dozen Classic Singles and 3 daredevils in the Vintage Brakeless class.

Friday evening competitors braved the blustery conditions to hit the Dodge City dirt for a few hours of practice time on the 3/8 mile track. Many dialing in their rides, establishing a good gear ratio for the following night of racing. The competition was fierce in all classes on Saturday night as over $18,000.00 in prize money was up for grabs, and riders from 11 midwestern states came to claim it. Many of them riding in multiple classes.

In the Modern Open class 24 riders went wheel to wheel in 4 qualifying heat races, with positions 1-3 transferring to the main event. The heat race winners were- Heat 1: Hunter Even, Heat 2: Dylan Bell, Heat 3: Gage Smith and Heat 4: Michael Mowery.

In the 15 lap Modern Open main event, last year’s winner Dylan Bell from St John, KS jumped out to the early lead followed by young gun Gage Smith out of Tulsa, OK. Bell and Smith running nose to tail pulled away from the rest of the riders. Smith, a high school senior, rode like a veteran easing his Big R sponsored Honda into the high groove as he pulled next to the leader Bell, in turn four. As the two crossed the start-finish line Smith overpowered Bell to take the lead. Stretching the gap only a couple of bike lengths the young Gage Smith continued on to victory in the Modern Open class. Another young rider out of McPherson, KS Tregan Birdsong would finish behind Bell after starting seventh. Smith claimed the $2,000 top prize for his Kansas win.

Modern Open A-Main Finish

  1. 113-Gage Smith[3]; 2. 31-Dylan Bell[2]; 3. 49-Treygan Birdsong[7]; 4. 81-Dahnee Barbee[9]; 5. 102-Hunter Even[1]; 6. 71-Michael Mowery[4]; 7. 153-Aaron Kennedy[14]; 8. 35-William Cato[6]; 9. 23-Dustin Paul[5]; 10. 46-Aaron Lindfors[11]; 11. 39-Matt Burton[8]; 12. 18-Corbin Erickson[12]; 13. 06-Reece Pottorf[10]; 14. 1-Kole King[13]; 15. 21-Erich Voitel[15]

It was all Chris Armentrout in the Classic Singles class as he lead the 10 lap A-feature race from start to finish aboard his Rotax racer. Chased by a pair of riders out of South Dakota, Armentrout was more than they could muster as Clint Erickson finished second aboard a Harley-Davison and Dahnee Barbee was third.

Heat 1 winner: Chris Armentrout, Heat 2 winner: Clint Erickson

Classic Singles A-Main Finish

  1. 46X-Kirk Armentrout[1]; 2. 42K-Clint Erickson[2]; 3. 35-Dahnee Barbee[6]; 4. 86-Chad Stewart[5]; 5. 46-Tim Davis[8]; 6. 33-Erik Blands[7]; 7. 13-Dan Hudgins[9]; 8. 3-Brian Lehfeldt[10]; 9. 333-Steve Stacey[11]; 10. 58-Dylan Bell[4]; 11. 57-Corbin Erickson[3]; 12. (DNS) 59Y-Rick Reed

Dan Lauters a Harley-Davidson R&D technician from Kewaskum, WI was the bravest of the brave in the Vintage Brakeless class on his 350cc Harley Sprint. Lauters lead from start to finish, out running Wichita, KS native “King” Kirk Anderson aboard his Triumph twin. Louis Lauters finished third on another Harley-Davidson Sprint, this one a 250cc machine.

In the largest and loudest class, the Big Twins, 26 competitors took to the track in a roar of thunder for 4 heats to set up the main event. Four riders transferred directly out of each heat with the remainder to try again out of the B-main.

Winning Heats were, Heat 1: Aaron Linfors, Heat 2: Clint Erickson, Heat 3: JJ Flairty, Heat 4: Kole King

Earning starting spots out of the B-Main were Matt Burton from Ottumwa, IA aboard a Harley, fellow Iowan Chris Patterson from Pleasant Hill, and the final rider to transfer, a winner last season, Eric Bland from Thornton, CO on a Yamaha.

As the #55 of Kole King jumped out to an early lead in the 15 lap A-main the field chased the rider out of Burlington, IA. But Salina, KS rider Aaron Lindfors (AMA #46) was lurking in the 5th position and aggressively hanging it out on the high line of the racetrack. Lindfors patience and persistence paid off as he methodically began to pass the competition. After taking the lead, Linfors never looked back and went on to win the $1500 top prize on his Harley-Davidson sponsored by T&R Racing and the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. Clint Erickson crossed the line in second and 2021 Hooligan Grand National Champ and X-Games bronze medalist, Kole King finishing third. Dylan Bell and Eric Bland rounded out the top five.

Big Twins A-Main Finish

  1. 46-Aaron Lindfors[1]; 2. 57-Clint Erickson[2]; 3. 55-Kole King[4]; 4. 3-Dylan Bell[5]; 5. 92-Hunter Even[12]; 6. 35-David Kilkenny[8]; 7. 7J-William Cato[6]; 8. 27-Jordan Baber[9]; 9. 7X-Tim Lindfors[10]; 10. 57X-Corbin Erickson[7]; 11. 45-JJ Flairty[3]; 12. 65-Matt George[11]; 13. 99-Chris Chromister[14]; 14. 73-Chris Patterson[17]; 15. 46X-Tim Davis[13]; 16. 2-Mark Potterf[15]; 17. 33-Erik Blands[18]; 18. 39-Matt Burton[16]

JJ Flairty also earned a cool $250 prize for the best appearing rider and bike combo.