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The final feature winners of the Steve King Memorial sprint and midget nationals at Dodge City Raceway Park, the last race of the 2021 season, fought fast and hard for their positions on Victory Lane.

IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car racer Taylor Velasquez 25X won his feature, as well as the 360 Sprints driver Dylan Westbrook in the 47X and Rocky Mountain Midget racer Jake Bubak in the 27 midget. It was Bubak’s second feature win of the weekend.

Velasquez in the 21X Sprint won each of the 25 laps in the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car race Saturday night, followed by heat race winner Steven Richardson in the 8J, Jeremy Huish in the 88J, Jake Martens in the 27B and Zach Blurton in the 2J.

As Velasquez and Richardson lapped traffic, Koby Walters in 33 and Huish battled for fourth position on the backstretch. Austyn Gossel in the 16G caught yellow when he had trouble up against the wall at turn 2 and took to the pits. Velasquez was thankful for the caution because he was heavy in lap traffic. 

Upon the re-start with 9 laps to go, Huish had a slide job between turns 3 and 4 side by side with Martens. 


Zac Taylor in the 71 car started the Rocky Mountain Midgets A-Main on the pole and took to the high side but was quickly challenged by Bubak on the low side. That’s when Cody Brewer in the 96 threw his hat in the race, with Kyler Johnson in the 45X on his tail.

There was a battle forming with 16 laps to go for the race leader position, with Taylor shutting the door on Bubak until Taylor’s car came to rest between turns 1 and 2. He headed to the pit and came back to finish 6th. 

That changed things up front enough that Bubak became the new race leader and went on to win his second feature at DCRP this weekend.

Bubak was first, followed by Johnson in second, Brewer in third, Lance Bennett in the 91 car in fourth and Adam Trimble in the 44 in fifth.  


Dylan Westbrook won the 360 Sprints A-Main in his 47X, followed by JJ Hickle in the 67 in second place, Jack Dover in the 53 in fourth place and Ryan Timms in the 5T in fifth place.

305 Sprints (20 laps): 1. 21X-Taylor Velasquez(1); 2. 8J-Steven Richardson(5); 3. 88J-Jeremy Huish(7); 4. 27B-Jake Martens(4); 5. 2J-Zach Blurton(8); 6. 20-Luke Cranston(6); 7.33-Koby Walters(3); 8. 22C-Chad Koch(9); 9. 45X-Kyler Johnson(2); 10. 911-Ty Williams(19); 11. 72-Ray Seemann(17); 12. 10-Jordan Knight(13); 13. 49-Kris Moore(11); 14. 17X-Jon Freeman(14); 15. 11K-Tyler Knight(10); 16. 65-Kohl Riche(20); 17. 9D-Lance Davis(16); 18. 88-Jake Greider(15); 19. 2B-Brett Becker(25); 20. 75-Cash Beeson(21); 21. 66-Fred Holz(23); 22. 84-Max Roseland(24); 23. 74-Howard VanDyke(22); DNF 6-Kaden Taylor(12); DNF 16G-Austyn Gossel(18).

360 Sprints (25 laps): 1. 47X- Dylan Westbrook(2); 2. 67-JJ Hickle(1); 3. 53-Jack Dover(4); 4. 5T-Ryan Timms(11); 5. 1X-Jake Bubak(5); 6. 44-Chris Martin(3); 7. 45X-Kyler Johnson(6); 8. 24-Terry McCarl(9); 9. 2J-Zach Blurton(14); 10. 88J-Jeremy Huish(13); 11. 1J-Danny Jennings(8); 12. 88-Ray Seemann(12); 13. 10-Jordan Knight(7); 14. 86-Zac Taylor(16); 15. 16G-Austyn Gossel(17); 16. 6G-Bryan Gossel(17); 17. 34-Randy Whitman(18); DNF 36-Jason Martin(10).

Midgets (20 laps): 1. 27-Jake Bubak (2); 2. 45X-Kyler Johnson(5); 3. 96-Cody Brewer(3); 4. 91-Lance Bennett(4); 5. 44-Adam Trimble(9); 6. 71-Zac Taylor(1); 7. 6-Collin Rinehart(14); 8. 27B-Keith Rauch(8); 9. 43-Ryan Oerter(11); 10. 11C-Mike Woodruff(13); 11. 14-Tony Rossi(10); 12. 7-Troy Simpson(16); 13. 10B-Blaze Bennett(12); 14. 48-Randy Oerter(18); 15. 4T-Anthony Valim(17); 16. 76-Mark Hamilton(23); 17. 54-Jim Hatly(19); 18. 69-Paul Babich(6); 19. 52J-Corey Joyner(20); 20. 3-Brent Rees(7); 21. 16-Ashley Cleaveland(15); DNF 2B-Brett Becker(21); DNS 2B-Brett Becker