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The DCRP Short Track Series wrapped up their 2021 season on Saturday night in a double header of racing with the Hoosier Great Plains Predator Series. Spectators enjoyed 15 classes of racing that included go-karts, micro sprints and flat track motorcycles.

In an action packed evening the Short Track Series also crown their season champions who will be honored during the awards banquet to be held in December of this year. While there were fierce battles in many of the classes, no one can deny it is a family affair in the Short Track Series were many of the same surnames are seen. Although the Smiths, Williams, McRoberts and Moores are often in podium positions, many other great racers compete on the DCRP short track.

In the Rookie Kart class, Piper Brundridge took top honors over a pair of Olivers, Klayton in 2nd and Tiffany in third.

Deekan McRoberts continued in his winning ways in the Junior 1 Kart class followed by Ryker Williams and Tristan Martin.

For the Junior 2 Karts Travis Pack was triumphant over Rase Smith while Briggs Williams rounded out the top three.

Youth edged out wisdom in the Adult Kart class when son Jaden Smith held off his father Leland for the win, and Kasey Beckham finished in the 3rd spot.

Deekan’s dad, Randle McRoberts was victorious over Tanner Brunson in the Open Outlaw 500 class.

And in the final Adult Cage Kart class, Josh Dowell crossed the line in first, followed by Martin Oehmler, and Korey Beckham.

The season points championships were on the line in the Micro classes where Championships were decided by one point in at least 2 classes.

In the Junior Sprint Novice division, Jett Blackburn, and Slade Blackburn were split by 2nd place finishing, Maxwell Watkins.

Cam Smith took the top spot in the Junior Sprint Advanced class, followed by Isabella Holt and Deekan McRoberts.

Ace Moore, Aced out brother Zak Moore in the Winged A class feature while Shae Ricke completed the race in the 3rd spot.

In the Short Track Series season championship standings the top 3 for each class looked like this.

Rookie Kart

1st Addison Shearer #209             160 points

2nd Chevelle Brunson                        93 points -67

3rd Axl Buckley                        32 points -128

Junior 1 Kart

1st Deekan McRoberts                        328 points

2nd Ryker Williams                        310 points -18

3rd Rayce McRoberts                        297 points -31

Junior 2 Kart

1st Rase Smith                                    310 points

2nd Travis Pack                        302 points -8

3rd Briggs Williams                        300 points -10

Adult Kart

1st Leland Smith                        344 points

2nd Jaden Smith                        303 points -41

3rd Jacob Smith                        299 points -45

Open Outlaw 500

1st Randle McRoberts                        97 points

2nd Tanner Brunson                        63 points -34

3rd Trevor Smith                        62 points -35

Adult Cage Kart

1st Martin Oehmler Jr.                        33 points

2nd Korey Beckham                        32 points -1

3rd Jeff Herrman                        31 points -2

Junior Sprint Novice

1st Jett Blackburn                        297 points

2nd Slade Blackburn                        285 points -12

3rd Maxwell Watkins                        261 points -36

Junior Sprint Advanced

1st Deekan McRoberts                        300 points

2nd Cam Smith                                    292 points -8

3rd Isabella Holt                        290 points -10

Micro 600 Restricted

1st Kye Ricke                                    31 points

Winged A Micro

1st Zak Moore                                    308 points

2nd Ace Moore                                    307 points -1

3rd Kye Ricke                                    259 points -49

Non-Winged A Micro

1st Zak Moore                                    265 points

2nd Ace Moore                                    257 points -8

3rd Daniel Williams                        133 points -132

CDR Promotions would like to congratulate all this season’s participants, winners and champions.