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After hosting a successful NTPA tractor pull event over the past holiday weekend, the track prep crew went to work to restore the racing surface for future events. In just a couple days the dirt oval was back in order and ready for action!

On July 8, DCRP hosted NASCAR regulars Ryan Ellis and Matt DiBenedetto, who ran laps in the 911 ride regularly driven by Ty Williams. Steve Hilker, owner of Steve Hilker Trucking in Cimarron, KS, lined up the opportunity for the drivers to test drive the 305 Sprint Car at the Dodge City dirt oval.

“This track is super nice and the perfect size, DiBenedetto said after a test run in the Williams’ sprint car. “It carries good speed.”

Ellis too, complimented the track as well as the complete dirt track experience.

“I had a blast,” Ellis said. “This takes me back to when I used to get butterflies in my stomach. You don’t get to have a lot of fun it seems like (in my field.)”

Track promoter Craig Dollansky was pleased with how the track snapped back after the recent pulling event.

“You don’t know how long it might take to get the track back in shape after an event like the tractor pull,” Dollansky said. “It was a lot of work to bring in the additional dirt and flatten out the banking, but we got it back in shape quickly.”

Dollansky would like to thank father and son Chad and Jesse Smith for their help in grading and watering the track.

“We had a great surface for these guys to run on, especially for the heat of the afternoon,” Dollansky said. “Matt and Ryan both did a great job and looked fast out there. We were happy they chose to come to Dodge.”

Ryan Ellis, Ty Williams and Matt DiBenedetto July 8 at Dodge City Raceway Park.
Matt DiBenedetto, DCRP Promoters Julie and Craig Dollansky and Ryan Ellis found the fun in sharing common ground at the Home of Horsepower July 8 at Dodge City Raceway Park.